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Catalyst Real Estate Services, LLC understands the importance of long-term business partnerships based on trust and performance. Our in-house brokerage license helps guide owners in the final decision of acquisitions and dispositions. Representation is critical to ensure clients have access to the best deals available in the market. In many buying scenarios, clients wish to avoid simply looking at every deal that hits the market because such an exhaustive search is counter-productive. Our firm focuses on the client’s criteria and identifies properties that fit the client-specific profile.

Catalyst Real Estate Services, LLC also plays a key role for clients interested in listing their properties for sale. Access to a large database of local Texas owners with an interest in acquisitions, rather than a bulk list of investors out of state with no market knowledge, differentiates our firm from others in the market. Avoiding costly time that ties up a property with a contract that never closes is near and dear to any seller’s heart. We understand this and focus on proven buyers that have access to equity and debt, have local market knowledge, and exhibit a track record of closing deals.

Catalyst's management services are responsible for the supervision of the client objectives, identifying deferred maintenance and enhancing the economic life of each asset. Catalyst follows a pre-established business plan to ensure continued focus on the performance and objectives of our investors, partners and clients.

Our continuing goal is to be the provider of choice for our residents, associates and clients by providing a quality home and work environment while maximizing property values.


Our accounting team offers processes that will withstand the closest scrutiny. Customized client portals are established for our clients and partners for the ease and convenience of paperless reporting and production of financial statements. Our teams offer customized reporting ranging from those of the individual ownership entity to the institutional client. In addition to working closely with third party auditors, we audit our on-site team to ensure compliance with established operating, collection and screening procedures.

Facilities MaintenanceOur Vice President of Facilities Maintenance oversees the day-to-day actions of maintenance personnel on the property. Focus areas include; electrical, plumbing, power outages, and air conditioning with an emphasis on timely emergency needs.

We provide our maintenance team with a technical “How To” resource library; day to day problem solving support; pre-negotiated national preferred pricing; preventative maintenance scheduling; maintenance peer training program and team building programs for the exchange of ideas and troubleshooting assistance to reduce need for more expensive contract support.

We have developed in-house maintenance teams, known as our Top Gun Team that can be sent to properties during peak workloads to provide expedience of repairs and unit turns at a lower cost to our clients and investors.

Our Renovation Specialists provide construction oversight ranging from large to modest renovation, restorations and deferred maintenance projects. We maintain full accountability for pre and post construction management and major rehabilitation of project acquisitions. Our construction services team prepares a detailed scope of work, solicits "apples-to-apples" bids, and awards the bid based on the best value. Upon awarding the bid, our construction services team prepares a contract that outlines insurance requirements, inspection criteria, and procedures for requesting change orders, a draw schedule with lien waver submittal documents, and a calendar of completion.

We take pride in saving our clients and investors’ money on major renovations, repairs related to losses from wind, flood, or fires, and of course special projects such as boiler work, parking enhancements, updating amenities, sewer or storm drain repairs, etc., because many of these expenses arise unexpectedly and are not budgeted. Controlling such costs often makes the difference between positive and negative cash flow.

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receivershipCatalyst has extensive experience acting as "Court Appointed Receivers" to protect the real estate while the principals and institutions determine the appropriate course of action. Catalyst has the construction capability and experience to assist in repairing any deferred maintenance, correcting life safety issues and code violations, as well as the ability to oversee any necessary capital improvements to help reposition the asset for sale.

We are proud that Catalyst has been asked on many occasions to continue as the property manager by the borrower or the new purchasers of the property based on their reviews of the work performed and the progress made.

Our property management team will immediately assess life safety concerns; conduct a comprehensive unit by unit property inspection; assess inventory, take control of property bank accounts and audit collection records.

Operational, maintenance and accounting procedures are quickly put in place and an inventory of property assets will be filed per the Receivership Order.

Monthly financial statements and operating reports are submitted to the court and appropriate parties. At the conclusion of the Receivership, a final accounting is submitted to the court and appropriate parties.


  • Assess life safety needs
  • Secure the physical asset
  • Collect available funds and tenant receivables
  • Establish management and procedures that protect and preserve the asset
  • Establish personal property inventory and supplies on hand
  • Prepare the property for best possible sale price or position the property to be successfully placed back in the borrowers hands

Services Outline:

  • Place management team to ensure structure and confidence of tenants and others.tammie
  • Fiduciary of the court with full accounting of all income and expenses.
  • Reports tailored to the needs of the court and secured creditors.
  • Authorization, audit, control and payment of payables.
  • Satisfy institutional requirements.
  • Full review of all contractual services.
  • Work with municipalities to address code violations.
  • Mobilize renovation teams to assist the lender in repairing critical deferred maintenance and addressing life safety issues.
  • Oversee any necessary capital improvements to help reposition the asset for sale.

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diligienceCatalyst team members have experience managing all types of properties which enable us to look at the property from an operator’s point of view. This information better equips our clients, investors and partners in making decisions whether to buy, sell or renovate. When studying an asset with an acquisition objective as the goal, we are better prepared for the takeover of a property. Our comprehensive property due diligence services includes:


  • Complete lease and rent roll audit
  • Personal property inventory
  • Work repair history of the property
  • Criminal Activity Report by address and vicinitydiligence
  • A unit-by-unit walk-through inspection with
    cost-to-turn estimates
  • Exterior physical inspection
  • Mechanical systems inspection and assessment
  • Utility review and metering assessment
  • Vendor contract review
  • Insurance and risk review and assessment